Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual medical assistant?

A VMA is a medical assistant who works remotely performing medical practice duties like prescription refills, insurance verification, prior authorization, EMR data entry, patient scheduling, scribing and admin tasks.

What tasks do VMAs handle?

They handle reception,  prescription refills, insurance verification, prior authorization, EMR data entry, patient setup and intake, scheduling and reminders, scribing and admin tasks, billing and coding. Less common tasks are peer-to-peer review documentation, remote patient monitoring, COVID-19 patient instruction, referral records requests.

Are you HIPAA-compliant?

VMAs are required to complete an extensive HIPAA training program and show proficiency through testing. Internal processes and protocols such as the use of 2-factor authentication, password management, and restricted use of physical and computer storage provides a secure data and user environment. These practices are mapped to the HIPAA standard to ensure compliance.

Do we have a HIPAA Business Agreement?

VMAs always sign a Business Agreement with the client prior to beginning work. We have a standard Business Agreement that you can use with our staff or we can use your own Agreement after a quick review by our managers.

Are you a registered company both in the US and in the Philippines?

Xilium is a registered LLC in the US, in the state of North Carolina, and is a registered corporation in Iloilo City, Philippines.

Do you have manpower there?

VMAs are college-educated, registered nurses and Allied Health graduates living and working in the Philippines. While administrative, marketing and sales staff are located in the US.

Where are your assistants located?

VMAs are college-educated, registered nurses and Allied Health graduates living and working in the Philippines.

Are your assistants home or office-based?

Our assistants are office-based with full IT support and managers for backup and training. During the COVID-19 pandemic, while HIPAA rules are loosened to allow work from home for the safety of all people, many are working from home but we will continue to support the adapting HIPAA standards.

How long does it take to get started with a new VMA?

The amount of time can vary depending on whether there is an experienced staff on hand or a new hire must be brought in. For a new hire, the screening and training process takes from 2-3 weeks. It can take longer if a match requires a more specific skill set. The candidate VMA’s experience and skills are matched to a client’s requested profile.

How is turnover handled?

When you work with your initial VMA, all processes are documented and reviewed by an account supervisor. The supervisor ensures there is sufficient documentation and an understanding of the work so in case a staff member needs to be replaced the majority of the education can be done within Xilium. In as many instances as possible, supervisors will identify a turnover before staff leaves and bring in an acceptable replacement to train with the original staff member for one to two weeks to ensure a smooth transition.

What is our turnover rate?

Our staff turnover has many similarities to US staff turnover rates. They vary with the economic conditions and the demand for health professionals. Xilium mitigates turnover by being one of the most staff and family-friendly companies in the Philippines. This results in a much higher retention rate in the industry compared to others.

How much do your services cost?

We have part-time and full-time rates as well as customized rates where requested. Rates vary depending on the skill level and area of the staff desired as well as the work schedule. RNs and non-RNs with both local and US certifications and additional language skills, like Mandarin or Spanish, may have different rates.

Can you give me an estimated pricing per hour?

Proposals vary depending on many factors. You can see your customized proposed pricing and use it to compare it to any competitor or your local fully loaded costs.

Do you have a long-term contract?

Smaller practices and clinics are renewable on a monthly basis. Larger facilities and clinics are on an annual or bi-annual contract renewal.

What are your payment terms?

Most payments are made on a monthly basis and have a two-week grace period.

Is there a free trial?

We do not normally advertise but go ask about it.

What do I need to get started?

Call (919) 438-2735 or send a message through our Contact Us form. Talk to one of our sales reps and share what you need for your practice. You’ll get a custom proposal that addresses your needs. They will also explain the process of integrating a virtual medical assistant and billing and payment procedures.

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