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1. Understanding Your Needs

Through calls and emails, we learn about you and understand what your practice needs. We have a diverse set of resources and people and as we talk we’ll bring in different resources from Xillium to participate. Through this process, we learn more, we learn more about your needs and you’ll understand us better and what we’re capable of.

2. A Proposal

We’ll write about what we learned from our conversations and propose one or more ways to address your needs. This will include pricing and details on personnel types, work activities and levels of skill needed by an individual or team. It can also incorporate peripheral work such as technical and security staff or higher expertise that gets inserted into the service.

3. Proposal Review and Revision

You review the proposal and ask for clarifications and modifications. It’s important to understand how our staff will integrate with your existing staff and establish clear lines of reporting and communication. We share our own experience and advice which may be useful to you in your evaluation and decision. The proposal should include start dates and durations where relevant and scheduled work hours.

4. Review Staff

After understanding the kinds of people and services that are needed, an interview with individual staff or team members is often desirable. This helps to ensure that there is compatibility and acceptability for staff joining your operations.

5. Contract Review and Signing

When both you and Xillium are confident in the services outlined then a full contract is presented. The contract process includes review and acceptance.

6. Payment Process

The first payment is due before work commences. All payments are made through our electronic gateway where you create your own ID and manage payment methods. Discounts quoted in the contract are given for the bank draft option. If paying by credit card, a higher rate is applied. (Talk with sales rep for details)

7. Client Services

The function of Client Services is to act as the client’s advocate inside Xillium

8. Ongoing Operations

Our Operations team works with you in acclimatizing your VMA into your practice, preparing them before startup and backing them up throughout training, process reengineering and documentation. Dedicated account supervisors, IT support staff and management also help overcome challenges in supporting your practice remotely.
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