CEO and President

Vanessa Belleza

CEO and President

Chief Operating Officer

Joven Suobiron

Chief Operating Officer

Marketing and Events Officer

Juvy Clemeña

Marketing and Events

Operations Manager

April Joy Gonzaga

Operations Manager

Nursing director

Jan Mar Panaguiton

Nursing Director

Our Story

Xilium has come a long way under the leadership of Vanessa and its founders. Since its inception in 2011, the company has matured into an organization with the resources needed to solve today’s problems in business and healthcare practice administration. The establishment has worked with over 200 clients for more than ten years. The natural availability of nurses and college educated professionals in the Philippines ensures Xilium’s US-guided leadership will continue to provide solutions for the US healthcare system in the years to come.


Xillium is headquartered in Cary NC. Operations are based in Iloilo, Philippines.

What “Xilium” Means

Xilium comes from the Latin word “Auxilium” which means “to bring aid or to help”. This serves as a philosophy the company conveys and represents us as a trusted, progressive company.

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