HIPAA-Compliant Virtual Medical Assistant

HIPAA Compliance

We start with what HIPAA pertains to and what the staff is responsible for. Xillium regularly evaluates and adjusts company practices to meet set security standards. This includes measures to protect patient and client data. 

PHI Security

There’s more to understanding PHI than just the data. We implement behavior-based security measures to keep PHI as safe as possible while keeping to the standards of HIPAA privacy law.

Our HIPAA Protocols

We take steps to safeguard PHI by teaching our protocols in our internal work to emphasize data security and maximize self-reporting. Xillium accomplishes this through an Information Privacy and Security Officer whose responsibility is to reinforce our HIPAA protocols.

Our work setup includes hybrid, work from home, and in-office, each monitored by IT and security to ensure compliance with HIPAA Protocols. For work-from-home staff, we foster awareness of the difference between home and office environments. This helps staff identify better ways to behave and keep information secure.

Security Awareness Policy

By educating our Virtual Medical Assistant on security practices and setup, we can reduce breaches and malware infections. Data breaches are avoided through regular security audits. Staff working from home are expected to adhere to additional security protocols.

The Ethical Company Project

Our Ethical Company Project is implemented to reflect management goals and directives. This is done to align our staff with the type of company Xillium aspires to be, which is to improve behavior, reporting, compliance with HIPAA standards, and help bridge cultural differences. It is essential that our staff understand the reasoning and foundation behind the procedures we implement.

HIPAA Training for Virtual Medical Assistant

Our VMAs undergo refresher courses and spot checks every 3 months for HIPAA Compliance.

Security and HIPAA Certifications

HIPAA Certification yields high compliance with HIPAA protocols and policies.
Security Certification brings our expertise and depth in security. It supports and trains staff to reduce risks.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. It is a federal legislation mandating the establishment of nationwide standards to safeguard confidential patient health information from unauthorized disclosure.
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