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Trained remote patient monitoring workforce that supports both acute and chronic care patients
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Secured and HIPPA Compliant

Commited to proctecting client and patient data

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Our team consists of experienced staff who are well-versed in care coordination and are tech proficient to support your practice. We put a strong focus on HIPAA and security processes to ensure that patient and client data is kept secure. This commitment to quality and security enables us to satisfy US audits and maintain a high standard of service. Ultimately, our goal is to provide exceptional care and support that exceeds the expectations of our patients and clients.
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Who We Partner With

RPM Device Manufacturers and System Providers

Remote Patient Monitoring staff supporting device setup, troubleshooting, and standard patient monitoring for your clients and patients

Home Health Agencies

Trained RPM workforce that supports home health care facilities improving patient outcomes and standard of living

Medical Specialties

Support for medical specialties, including cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, and more, to monitor chronic and acute care, utilizing RPM service models, improving patient engagement.

RPM Training

Our Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides our staff with comprehensive, self-paced training for Remote Patient Monitoring Services. Our courses are designed to help virtual medical assistants get familiar with CPT codes, patient enrollment and monitoring, and reporting results.

We provide training programs in different medical systems, including EMR, cloud services, fax, and VoIP, to further enhance the technical skills of our staff. In addition, fundamental skill courses, such as communication and detail-orientedness, help our staff excel in their roles and deliver high-quality support to clients.
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