Experience Headache-Free Staff

Uncompromised premium support with the best prepared VMAs

Best-in-Class Security

We provide a strong focus on security, driven by US standards and policies. Our expertise is based on the development of programs for our in-house security certification. Regular updates to security protocols are part of our commitment to maintaining a secure environment for our clients.

What Makes Our Service Headache-free?

We invest in personality assessments and professional skills training to enhance our service quality. Staff are US and Philippine RN, and health professionals trained to support medical specialties. They’re equipped with skills that align with practice-specific needs, ensuring smooth and trouble-free onboarding.

Experienced in Gastro, Neuro, and More

Staff are trained for medical specialties. We've been in the industry since 2011 and we leverage that experience to capture medical expertise used in training.

Selected to Fit Your Practice

VMAs perform tasks that require skills to achieve success. Each position is tailored to meet the unique needs of a practice, ensuring a perfect fit for every role.

Staff Quality by LRC

Our Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides foundational training for staff, including in-house certifications for HIPAA, Security, and Medicare. This helps clients maintain compliance with US laws and regulations. The LRC is designed for both technological innovation and efficiency.

Specialty Mentors

We have in-house medical mentors who oversee and guide staff training. Their expertise prepares our teams to handle medical specialties. They instill knowledge on conditions, treatments, and procedures, and help them maintain a consistent level of quality.

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