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Virtual Medical Assistant Services for your Medical Practice

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  • Reception
  • EMR Management
  • Refills Processing
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Prior Authorization
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  • Submit prior authorizations
  • Receive and process prior authorizations
  • Process eligible requests
  • Communicate ineligible request
  • Insurance verification
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  • Take patient information
  • Follow physician orders & office protocols
  • Prioritize clinic visits and referrals to facilities
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  • Document physician-patient encounters
  • Organize physician notes
  • Transcribe voicemail messages and audio recordings
  • Chart preparation
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Telehealth Support
computer monitor with doctor on screen
  • Facilitate patient's telehealth visits
  • Technical support
  • Insurance coordination
  • Referral management
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Remote Patient Monitoring
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  • Patient enrollment
  • Health monitoring
  • Data collection
  • Tech support

Client Testimonials

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We always receive GREAT feedback from our patients. I couldn’t ask for a better team.

"As always, the entire TEAM is doing a fantastic job! We always receive GREAT feedback from our patients. I cannot express enough the fantastic job everyone on the TEAM is doing. They work really hard and it shows. I could not ask for a better TEAM!!!"
logo of Capital Neurology and Sleep Medicine

Melissa Snyder

Office Manager, Capital Neurology and Sleep Medicine
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I appreciate the peace of mind they provide with their management support.

“Xillium helped me grow my business in ways that wouldn't have been possible without becoming a part of their team. My collaboration with the VMAs is essential to our success. I appreciate the peace of mind they provide with their management support. taking care of any technical issues or challenges through their support team and freeing me from that burden. I’m grateful to Xillium for allowing me to be a part of their team. I hope that we can continue to grow together in a great way.”
photo of russel howard

Russell Howard

APRN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC, Owner, Center State Wellness
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I’m very pleased with her work, and she has proven to be an invaluable asset to our practice

"VMA Dorcas has consistently done a great job with different tasks, but I would like to highlight a recent project that she worked on, creating a marketing flier for our practice. She showed great initiative and creativity. She went above and beyond to ensure that the flier was ready by our deadline and that the end product was both beautiful and well-received. I’m very pleased with her work, and she has proven to be an invaluable asset to our practice."
photo of dr. asana

Dr. Asana

Medical Director, Center for Mental Wealth

Medical Specialties We Support

Trained Virtual Medical Assistants supporting different medical practices

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Family Medicine

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Internal Medicine

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General Surgery

Discover More Specialties

Types of Virtual Medical Assistant

A Virtual Medical Assistant remotely performs patient-facing and backend tasks. We have teams of staff with standardized skills that fill your clinic and practice needs.
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Virtual Medical Assistant Associate
A VMA Associate is an independent worker who handles complex medical tasks and mentors junior members of the team. With experience working alongside US medical practitioners, she shares her knowledge to the team, elevating their working standards.
virtual medical assistant working on a tablet
Virtual Medical Assistant Nurse Specialist
A VMA Nurse Specialist is a Philippine RN with a bachelor's degree who brings practical knowledge from clinical experience, typically from a hospital setting. Her advanced training at Xillium equips her with the skills necessary to excel as a healthcare professional, specializing in performing remote medical tasks.
virtual medical assistant working on a laptop
Virtual Medical Assistant Specialist
A VMA Specialist is trained to provide safe and reliable basic administrative services. She is proficient in the use of communication technologies and can provide technical assistance to patients and other clinical staff.
virtual medical assistant wearing a headset and working on a laptop
Virtual Registered Nurse
A VRN is a licensed USRN trained in technology, security, and remote work, with experience in US healthcare. She is backed by a robust team of leaders across areas of security, technology, and communication.
virtual medical assistant having a presentation with other medical assistants
Virtual Medical Assistant Executive
A VMA Executive collaborates directly with clients and leads a team of VMA Associates and specialists. She oversees these teams, inspiring them to excel as healthcare professionals. VMA Executives represent the best of Xillium.
virtual medical assistant with text bubble showing english and spanish words

Spanish-Speaking Virtual Medical Assistants

Highly trained, Spanish-speaking VMAs ensure seamless communication and efficient intake processes, capturing accurate information and fostering an inclusive environment for Spanish-speaking patients.

Xillium Virtual Medical Assistant Advantages

Security and HIPAA Compliance

  • Internal security and HIPAA certifications
  • Trained in US healthcare standards
  • Staying up-to-date with security threats
  • Best data handling practices

Headache-free Staffing

  • RNs and allied health professionals
  • Fully trained staff
  • Staff Fit Assessment
  • Scalable workforce
  • Smooth turnover

Custom Training

  • Trained in different medical specialties
  • Customized training programs to meet specific practice needs
  • Focus on the latest practices in US healthcare


  • Strong management support
  • US company
  • Directly employed staff
  • Consistent and reliable staffing support

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