Virtual Medical Scribe

Xillium Medical Scribes supporting your practice in documenting patient encounters and managing medical records

What is a Medical Scribe?

A medical scribe is a professional responsible for documenting patient encounters, medical histories, and treatment plans. They assist healthcare providers to ensure accurate and timely recording of clinical information.

What does a Medical Scribe do?

Xillium medical scribe collaborates with healthcare practitioners by transcribing information into EHRs/EMRs. They help manage the documentation process, allowing providers to focus on patient care.

Medical Scribe Services

Live Scribing

Capture patient visits in real-time within the EHR using live audio and/or video. Xillium scribes assist in maintaining accurate and timely documentation.


Xillium medical scribes transcribe health provider-patient sessions based on specialty, offering efficient asynchronous scribing for post-visit management.

Specialty Scribe

Xillium Virtual Medical Scribes provide medical documentation support tailored to your specialty. Staff are professionals, ensuring reliable and accurate documentation to help improve productivity and patient outcomes.


Family Medicine

Internal Medicine




Medical Scribe Training

Staff are trained in precise documentation for patient encounters through our Learning Resource Center (LRC). Courses cover essential areas, including medical terminology, confidentiality, EMR Systems, and documentation best practices.

Value To Your Business

Headache-Free Staffing
Secure and HIPAA-Compliant

Choose Your Scribe Support

Enterprise Scribes

Xillium provides a scalable workforce of virtual medical scribes, custom-trained to meet the unique demands of your medical facility. With offices across the country to give us access to a large pool of healthcare graduates. This allows us to build teams for fast and accurate data processing essential to smooth operations.

Dedicated Scribes

Our dedicated virtual medical scribes cultivate healthcare provider familiarity and professionalism through streamlined shorthand communication, improving accuracy and efficiency in scribe sessions. They optimize documentation processes, elevating overall patient care quality.
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