Virtual Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses based in the Philippines and the US. We add tech, security, and improved communication through training and support.

Secured and HIPAA Compliant
Committed to protecting client and patient data
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Secured and HIPPA Compliant

Commited to proctecting client and patient data





Virtual Registered Nurse for Your Healthcare Business

Modern medicine is about advanced healthcare systems and regulations. Imagine how a registered nurse working remotely can help your practice. They are tech-oriented and trained for remote communication and work methodologies. A VRN is knowledgeable, reliable, and consistent.

  • Patient care coordination
  • Patient care supervision
  • Improved clinical workflows
  • Increased practice efficiency

Our Services

Virtual Registered Nurses for a more sophisticated nursing care in your practice and clinics

Chronic Care Management

Our VRNs are experienced in providing support for chronic care management programs. These telehealth RNs provide administrative and clinical support through secure and seamless patient care. They assist the physicians in communicating care plans, providing extensive monitoring and timely follow-up.

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Home Health Agencies

There are different types of RNs fit to care for patients suffering from a myriad of conditions. Home Health RNs provide virtual services that can be integrated into your staff to improve the patient and provider experience. Together with the clinical staff, they help develop a care plan to support their patients.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Team of Virtual RNs delivers patient care in efficient way. They are fully trained in RPM and telehealth, allowing physicians to keep track of their patient's treatment, especially during in-between clinic visits or when in-person care is not possible. They monitor, educate, follow up, collect data, and provide multidisciplinary care, including interventions, pain management, and family support, in a virtual setting.

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Telehealth Practices

Virtual RNs are an invaluable addition to your workforce. The added training on tech, security, and remote communication empower healthcare professionals to provide innovative, multidisciplinary care.

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We have clinical staff who are licensed by the board of registered nursing and are equipped with skills, experiences, and specialties to fill your clinic and aid your practice

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