Types of Virtual Medical Assistants

A Virtual Medical Assistant works remotely, performing patient-facing and backend tasks. We have teams of staff with standardized skills that fill your clinic and practice needs.
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Virtual Medical Assistant Associate

A VMA Associate has experience working with US clients and independently operating and mentoring junior members of a team. She can contribute to the quality of your office staff by sharing her knowledge and expertise in addition to working on complex medical tasks. 
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Virtual Medical Assistant Specialist

She is a HIPAA-certified healthcare professional trained to provide secure and reliable basic administrative services. Proficient in using multiple communication technologies and can provide patients and other clinical staff with technical assistance.

Virtual RN

She is a licensed USRN and fully trained in standard tech, remote communication, and work methodologies we bring to our staff. She is supported by a strong team of leaders across areas of security, technology, and communication.
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VMA Administrator

She performs clerical work and is the first point of contact for patients, ensuring they have a positive experience. She serves as a liaison between patients and doctors, clients and insurance companies, and admin and medical staff.

VMA Executive

She holds the senior administrative role and directly collaborates with clients. She leads the team and guides them to acquire new skills and use them to improve their service, spurring them to be the best healthcare professionals that they can be. A reliable leader that represents the best of who we are at Xilium.

VMA Services

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What is a Virtual Medical Assistant?

They are medical assistants who work remotely performing medical practice duties like prescription refills, insurance verification, prior authorization, EMR data entry, patient scheduling, scribing and admin tasks.

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