Value-Based Care Support

Helping ACOs achieve their goals

Quality Assurance

Address Care Gaps


Care Coordination

Supporting Value-Based Care involves understanding and implementing its essential elements, focusing on an efficient and patient-focused approach.

Custom Training and Staff Development

Adapting to Patient-Centered Approach

Many practices are transitioning to Value-Based Care (VBC). In response, we are developing training programs focused on patient-centered care models and systems that align with VBC principles. Training is designed to leverage our medical, administrative, and technical skills. 

Patient Engagement

Compassion and people skills contribute to better health outcomes. Giving patients the respect and timely care helps them engage actively in their own health. It promotes treatment adherence, coordinates wellness checks and preventive follow-ups, and incorporates patient feedback into care planning.

Data Management

Training in tech and process management enhances VBC data management. It includes training staff to collect and update EMRs, spreadsheets, and maintaining compliance to established processes. 

Tech and Operational Support

Understanding cloud systems is essential for successful system integration. Selecting staff who are detail-oriented ensure effectiveness in this process. By aligning staff roles with their areas of expertise, we enhance their efficiency and ability to collaborate with local administrative teams. This approach facilitates the smooth integration of new systems, which is crucial for VBC and ACOs.

Additional Support Services

Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM enhances VBC by enabling more detailed monitoring of patients

Chronic Care Management

Implementing CCM strategies fosters patient engagement.
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