Telehealth Support

Skilled staff trained in Remote Patient Monitoring and health IT solutions for a smoother virtual care experience

Benefits to Your Practice

Doctor-Patient Experience

IT support

Hassle-Free Turnover of Medical Records

Security and Data Privacy

How We Help

Our Virtual Medical Assistants help patients prepare for remote patient monitoring and telemedicine appointments. They're knowledgeable about the requirements and assist with setup and troubleshooting. Seniors, who have regular health care consultations, can easily access health services with their guidance.

Telehealth Verification Program

Telehealth Verification Program (TVP) gets your patients online to connect with you for their telemedicine visits. Our TVP staff are knowledgeable in customer service, healthcare, and HIPAA. They assist patients from setting up video conferencing equipment to troubleshooting.

Telehealth and Tech

IT staff trained in healthcare and HIPAA protocols facilitate and support your patients' telemedicine sessions


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