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Loyal Staff that Work Effectively in a US Environment

Investment in Education and Training

Xillium invests heavily in education and training. All applicants must begin by having a college degree and the vast majority have experience in customer service with US consumers. Before hiring a candidate begins, there is a rigorous evaluation and testing process that results in a selection rate of 10% of the total applicants.

Probation and Employee Status

After an initial probationary period, all of our staff are full-time employees and we invest heavily in them. The training and education we provide make us a desirable company for our staff because they gain significant skills.

US Corporate Healthcare Employees

Xillium’s corporate-level support of our health professionals is unique to the region. We maintain a company culture with US standards adapted to the Philippines to create a highly desirable set of positions with great loyalty from our staff.

A Partnership that Maximizes Success

A High Degree of Support

Xillium only works with clients that thrive in our partnership model, where supervisors and our office management are involved with every staff member. Working remotely is challenging and requires a commitment to succeed.

Investment in Security and HIPAA

We have a deep awareness and invest in trained and controlled security and HIPAA adherence. All of our clients welcome the investments and understand this by investing in themselves.

Understanding What is Best for You

Upholding Standards in Relationships

We feel that this model is a unique service in the US healthcare marketplace. It is an underserved area where we can bring standards and corporate support to usually independent workers. Some organizations prefer more of a staff finder service where they both directly build and manage team members. When we see that, we defer to and respect that choice.

Origins in Tech and Operations

Our US founder is experienced in tech and security and we consider this a core competence. Everyone in healthcare has to deal with the challenges of new technology and escalating security threats. We are focused on consistent training and behavioral risks in day-to-day operations. Our own internal systems are structured to be as secure as possible. Risk-mitigation is incorporated into all staff working environments and controlled at the corporate level providing greater consistency across staff.

We May Be for You

If you are unsure or want to investigate what works best for you, we’re happy to talk and work out what that may be. We’ve referred organizations to other providers when it makes sense. We’re not the least expensive provider and that’s not what we wish to be.
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