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Medical Legal Services

We assist you with your medical case needs

Organize case reviews

Prepare case reviews from different portals

Medical records summary

Focus on information related to each claimed condition

Research state guidelines

Verify treatment guidelines for different states

Schedule reviews

Set up peer-to-peer communication for the reviewing physician

Your Medical Legal Team

Professionals with clinical expertise and strong critical thinking skills to assist you in your practice

Med-legal Nurse

She supports her team by performing basic administrative tasks. She also reviews medical records and organizes information for independent, agreed, and qualified evaluation requests, disability benefits cases, QTC veteran reviews, and Workers’ Comp and benefits cases.

Med-legal Intermediate

Guides junior members of the team to complete tasks on time. She is well-versed in treatment guidelines in different states, such as the Official Disability Guidelines, the CA MTUS/ACOEM, and the Connecticut guidelines. 

Med-legal Advanced

She oversees her team members and is responsible for overall quality assurance. She handles more complex tasks, such as documenting cases for the physician to review and sign off.

Med-legal Training

We have specialized training for our medical legal staff to advance their skills. Our Learning Center has courses to improve their knowledge and expertise in supporting and expediting case reviews. 

Staff are pre-assessed in their technical and soft skills. They participate in a week-long program consisting of self-paced online courses and hands-on lab sessions. Upon completion, they receive evaluations and feedback from our team of experts.


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