Who’s On Your Team:
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Who's on Your Team:

Teams of people with standardized skills that fill in your clinic and practice needs. Trained in US standards and practices. Our staff work with small and medium-to-large service providers, team support groups or specialty health services such as Chronic Care Management. 
Highly Trained
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Virtual RN (VRN)

A US state-licensed RN fulfills state regulations for clinical work required by the client. Fully trained in the tech, remote communication and work methodologies we bring to all our staff. A strong team of leaders supports her across all areas of security, technology, and communication.

VMA Specialist

Meet your VMA specialist. She’s able to use multiple communication technologies and can even assist fellow clinical staff and patients with basic troubleshooting and walkthroughs. A graduate of Allied Health with all the academic training of a registered nurse, she can provide secure and reliable basic administrative services.

VMA Nurse Specialist

Philippine RN with a Bachelor's degree and clinical experience, typically in a hospital setting. Her enhanced training at Xilium has provided her with both hard and soft skills that allow her to bridge American and Philippine culture. A HIPAA-certified healthcare professional. She specializes in performing remote medical administrative tasks.

VMA Nurse Associate

A VMA Nurse Associate has experience working in the US culture and demonstrates excellence and independence at work while mentoring junior members of a team. She’s proactive, ambitious, capable of training others virtually and carries with her the top-notch patient service we are noted for.

Has experience working in the US culture. Demonstrates excellence and independence while mentoring junior members of a team and carries with her the top-notch patient service we are noted for.

VMA Nurse Executive

A reliable leader and represents the best of who we are at Xilium. She provides insights, mediates conflicts, and develops action plans in all areas that affect her client, the staff, and patients. As a mentor, she guides her team to acquire new skills and use them to improve their service, spurring them to be the best healthcare professionals that they can be. She collaborates with her physician or client, sharing insights on staff strengths and weaknesses and providing input on challenges often not seen.

TVP Specialist

A big part of a TVP Specialist’s job is to help patients prepare for their remote patient monitoring and telemedicine appointments. He has an in-depth knowledge of hardware and software needs and is an expert at supporting tech-phobic patients and seniors with basic equipment issues or applications. You can depend on him to provide you with all the technical assistance that you need.
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