For device manufacturers
and systems providers:

Add an RPM service to Your Products

Full RPM staffing for your clients, patients, and you

A trained RPM workforce supports your devices and systems in setup, troubleshooting, patient monitoring which provides support for your clients and helps them to improve patient outcomes.

How it Works

Device Setup



Train patient on device usage and maintenance


Device setup

Device setup support via video or phone call


Equipment Delivery

Track RPM devices and call patient before receiving doorstep delivery

Patient Sign-up

Obtain patient consent to enroll in service


Care Management


Physician Collaboration

Track vitals and alert physician when needed. Monitor patient behavior and encourage compliance


Data Collection

Full functioning human & system level


Patient Communication

Communicate with patient to check how they are feeling, and direct when to retake vitals


Patient Monitoring

Monitor patients for compliance and provide ongoing equipment support


Direct Care Giver Collaboration

Connect with onsite support staff to maintain quality of care


Care Coordination

Experienced support staff help address patient concerns and execute physician instructions

Customize Your Service



RPM can be added to your device service whether it only requires a short acute phase, a longer recovery, or ongoing chronic care.

You can also customize the intensity and frequency of patient engagement. Measure and monitor patients, engage for improved care compliance, report and feedback. Maximize patient outcome.


Experienced Staff

Staff Scalability

Outsourced Cost Model

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