Telehealth Verification Program

Healthcare and HIPAA-trained IT staff prepare and support your patients' telemedicine visits

Improved Telemedicine Session

Higher Practice Revenue

Fewer Failed Visits

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Benefits of Telehealth Verification Program

With Telehealth Verification Program (TVP), patients can successfully use video conferencing tech within a telemedicine session. This program supports patients in preparing for and getting into a telemedicine session. TVP streamlines healthcare sessions to improve billing rate, yield better healthcare availability, and outcomes for patients.

How Does It Work?

Telemedicine uses videoconferencing or other electronic methods to provide direct care to patients. Technology is often challenging for patients, especially when they encounter proprietary systems. Telehealth Verification was designed to support the patients with these difficulties. It’s a process where we evaluate and prepare a patient for a successful telemedicine appointment. Additionally, we can provide technical advice for a practice to help identify which videoconferencing systems are acceptable to support.

HIPAA Compliant Tools

Applications and tools are part of the physician’s practice, but the patient is often limited to the technology they own. We work with the physician to understand their current system, recommend additional support, rate for compliance, security, ease of use, and cost. We then collaborate on which platforms to support and when to support them. We provide a list of recommended solutions that maximize access to their set of patient capabilities—and they decide which ones are to be used for their practice.


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