Empowering the Workforce! What we do is we push the relationship between the client and the virtual assistant(VA). This allows the VA to make decisions and the management to provide support by listening to both parties. The VAsare given the full autonomy, responsibility, and they can affect dramatically how successful they are because we trustthem as intelligent, very capable people. What we want to emphasize however is the role clients play on the relationship.Your involvement in training and follow through will determine the performance of your VA and the success of yourbusiness.

Office Policies

To maintain the company’s integrity and ensure that everything is aligned with its goals and values, Xilium has established its own set of policies which covers attendance, reliever system, vacation and sick days, holidays observed and provisions for VAs. (Click me for reference)

Office Policies

We understand the level of importance and the gravity of security in your business operation. Xilium alwaysmakes it a point that our assistants follow protocols related to security concerns aside from the written bindingcontracts.


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