Our Virtual Business Assistants can handle customer support, administrative tasks, accounting, and bookkeeping through QuickBooks. Our VAs have experience working with different phone systems (Skype, Google Voice, Ring Central) and e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Paypal, CoreCommerce). Schedule a free consultation now so we can assess your needs and find you the right VA for your business.


Our Real Estate Virtual Assistants (REVAs) can handle administrative tasks and other back office support specific to a Real Estate professional’s needs. Our REVAs are tech savvy and can help you with customer support, managing your listings, and overseeing buyer and seller transactions. Call us to learn more about our services…


We offer a package that provides an entire online footprint for businesses to succeed in today’s competent world. Most small business owners focus on product and service offerings; they know sales talk and customer support, but they lack access to reaching potential customers online.

With our Online Marketing service, your business will have the entire online footprint towards success. Xilium provides the skills and competencies that can help move you forward in the internet world.

Our services include Website Setup/Refresh with Branding Support, Product and Service Online Visibility, Email System, E-Commerce Systems, Support and Product Forum Setup, Online Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Cloud Services, and Google Apps for Your Business.

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