Coworking Space, Future of Work?

Liezel Porras
January 28, 2022

The return to the office has been difficult for many people working from home, especially with the rise of new COVID variants causing large companies to postpone employees’ return to physical offices. However, as vaccination rates increase and the debate over the future of work heats up, some businesses see coworking as a way to compromise with a more flexible approach to the office.

While coworking spaces promote a collaborative and interactive work environment, they present significant challenges for companies that must adhere to HIPAA privacy standards. Data breaches can occur when multiple organizations use the same internet network or WiFi, putting businesses that deal with PHI (protected health information) at risk of HIPAA violations.



Liezel is a Xilium writer. She has a degree in literature and has spent years mentoring foreign students with their English communication skills in a remote work setting. Her academic involvement includes the development and revision of instructional materials and content. Her distance learning career honed her skills in communication, management, research, and technology.