Takeaways from AAN 2024

Jezreel Eunice Dela Peña
April 26, 2024

We participated in the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) conference last April 14-17 where we engaged with neuro professionals. Conversations gave us insights into the evolving needs of the healthcare industry, particularly regarding the integration of Virtual Medical Assistants (VMAs) into neuro practices

Understanding VMA Services

There was a growing curiosity about how VMAs could integrate into existing healthcare setups. Discussions centered on their ability to manage tasks like reception, patient intake, and administrative support – essential areas that often require a lot of staff time. Several attendees discussed the challenges in finding staff who are adept in neuro-specific tasks. Questions frequently come up about how our VMAs could integrate with EMR systems, such as Epic and Greenway. There was a keen interest in understanding the security measures for remote staff to ensure patient data stays safe and healthcare regulations are followed.

Scalable Healthcare Support

The event connected us with many industry professionals with insightful ideas. A medical director showed interest in exploring VMA services to address high staff turnover and staffing inefficiencies. A practice owner from Canada discussed the specifics of integrating VMA services into his new practice, focusing on reducing the repetitive nature of training and administrative overhead. Queries from healthcare providers about the customization of VMA services to fit their practice needs indicated the potential for tailored healthcare support solutions.

Bridging Cultures

Our team shared a taste of the Philippines through our giveaways of Filipino coffee and chocolates. These treats served as a cultural bridge, inciting interest and conversations. This allowed us to engage more personally with participants, enhancing our interactions. We look forward to sharing our heritage and building meaningful connections as we continue to participate in industry events. 

Moving Forward

Our participation at the AAN conference has been key in understanding the specific needs of neurologists and other healthcare professionals. The insights gained are invaluable in refining our service offerings to better serve the healthcare industry. We look forward to fostering the connections made and exploring how our VMAs can contribute to more efficient and effective healthcare practices.


Jezreel, a content writer at Xillium, embraces a lifelong learning mindset, constantly improving in her craft. She brings diverse expertise with a background as an Account Manager in a US-based marketing company and supervising support departments in a US-based Home Health Care. Passionate about curiosity, Jezreel finds joy in journaling, reading, exploring educational and philosophical media, and playing board games with peers.

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