Nurturing Staff Wellbeing on Valentine’s Day at Xillium

Jezreel Eunice Dela Peña
February 15, 2024

Xillium shifted its focus to self-love and well-being for its staff this Valentine's Day. Investing in employees' mental and emotional health fosters a more empathetic work environment, ultimately leading to better client and patient care. Kate, our Mental Health Specialist, led a virtual event on self-reflection and understanding, guided by psychologist Ria Tirazona.

Cultivating Self-Compassion

The event opened with an exercise: comparing self-perception in the mirror to how one sees loved ones in photos. This activity prompted participants to re-evaluate how they view themselves, highlighting the challenges of negative self-talk. Ria emphasized the necessity and importance of self-love.

Understanding the Inner Critic

The discussion explored the roots of self-criticism, acknowledging the influences of childhood experiences and societal pressures. Ria stressed that it’s not about blaming others, but rather recognizing how our inner critics formed. She explained the brain's bias towards negativity and emphasized the faculty of reframing negative thoughts. 

Shift from Judgment to Curiosity

“Change happens with awareness, curiosity, and compassion,” Ria shared. She encouraged participants to shift from judging themselves to approaching their inner critic with curiosity. This involves accepting and validating one’s feelings instead of criticizing. Everyone was reminded that change takes time, so patience and self-compassion are key.

The Role of Mindfulness

Mindfulness was introduced as a tool to manage negative self-talk and cultivate self-kindness. Participants learned some mindfulness techniques to build self-compassion and embrace themselves with grace. 

Developing Quality Connections

Ria stressed the importance of quality over quantity in relationships, urging participants to avoid social media comparison and cultivate meaningful connections that contribute to mental well-being.

Building a Better Workplace

A game concluded the event, adding a light-hearted touch with a Valentine's Day dinner prize. The talk sparked insightful discussions and personal reflections, reminding everyone that self-love is as important, especially on Valentine's Day. Events like this foster a more positive, engaged, and productive company culture.


Jezreel, a content writer at Xillium, embraces a lifelong learning mindset, constantly improving in her craft. She brings diverse expertise with a background as an Account Manager in a US-based marketing company and supervising support departments in a US-based Home Health Care. Passionate about curiosity, Jezreel finds joy in journaling, reading, exploring educational and philosophical media, and playing board games with peers.

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