ACG 2023 Highlights

Jezreel Eunice Dela Peña
November 17, 2023

We attended the ACG 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting from October 22nd to 24th in Vancouver. We fostered connections with gastroenterologists and other medical professionals and gained valuable insights from the latest developments in gastroenterology research and practice.

Filipino Culture on Display

Our team was led by Juvy, our Sales Manager, who attended her second gastro medical conference. She was joined by Joven, our Director of Operations, who shared his insights on security, along with Jen and Rau, our Sales Associates. They brought a taste of Filipino hospitality with local coffee blends and chocolates serving as great conversation starters.

Dynamic Conversations

Our first day was filled with engaging interactions. Many fellows were present including a Michigan doctor who explored outsourced clinical support for her upcoming practice. A New York hospitalist inquired about our clinical support processes, focusing on HIPAA and security. A Director of Sales from Nevada, looking for medical assistants for their multispecialty practice, showed their interest in our rheumatology, cardiology, and internal medicine specializations. We also engaged with doctors from Oklahoma, Texas, California, and Louisiana who showed curiosity about our services. 

Shared Healthcare Challenges

Discussions were centered around healthcare challenges during our second day. A North Carolina doctor talked about training difficulties and high turnover rates, sentiments echoed by two doctors from Illinois. A Texas doctor discussed challenges in staffing. A doctor and owner of a gastro practice in New York highlighted the need for streamlined workflow for their multilingual patient base. A dietician from Indiana showed interest in our virtual medical services. The day was a series of discussions with emphasis on the widespread nature of industry challenges.

Wrapping Up

Our last day continued with insightful interactions. A doctor from North Carolina extended an invitation for an onsite visit. A doctor and fellow exhibitor from California inquired about medical assistants for physician assistant tasks, and another doctor from the same state discussed integrating our services into his clinic. A few expressed their admiration for Filipino nurses. We also met a VP of Human Resources who was exploring innovative solutions to staffing challenges due to location constraints. We delved into the nuances of HIPAA and Security, culminating in a day with practical solutions. These engagements highlighted the vital role of skilled healthcare professionals in meeting diverse healthcare needs.

The Impact of the Filipino Healthcare Workforce

The Filipino healthcare workforce is making a significant impact in the U.S. healthcare sector, providing essential support to professionals and organizations. Their proficiency and compassion are valued in the industry. Xillium recognizes this impact and aims to continually advance our staff’s skills. Ongoing investment in education and training enable us to provide reliable services to our clients.


Jezreel, a content writer at Xillium, embraces a lifelong learning mindset, constantly improving in her craft. She brings diverse expertise with a background as an Account Manager in a US-based marketing company and supervising support departments in a US-based Home Health Care. Passionate about curiosity, Jezreel finds joy in journaling, reading, exploring educational and philosophical media, and playing board games with peers.

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