Philippine Coffee Culture: Hot Brews All Year

Liezel Porras
February 28, 2023

Coffee has become a must-have drink for countless people all over the world, and the Philippines is certainly no different. Filipinos love their coffee, whether it's a morning pick-me-up or a midday break—and they drink it piping hot, even in the midst of scorching and humid weather.

From Bean to Cup

The Philippines boasts a rich coffee heritage that dates back to 1740 when the first coffee tree was planted in the country. Since then, coffee has become a major crop and a vital aspect of Filipino culture, a staple beverage for us Filipinos. It's not uncommon to see a coffee shop on almost every street corner or a small coffee cart bustling with locals on the sidewalk.

And the best part? We’re one of the few countries that currently cultivates all four commercially viable coffee varieties: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. Thanks to the country’s fertile soil and favorable climate, from the aromatic Barako coffee of Batangas to the smooth Arabica beans of Benguet, there's a variety of coffee to satisfy any discerning palate.

A Unique Relationship With Hot Coffee 

One might think that with the hot weather in the Philippines, most would opt for a cold drink instead of hot coffee. However, Filipinos have a special bond with their coffee, and many still favor it hot. Even in scorching temperatures, many of us will still indulge in a piping hot cup of coffee, particularly in the morning or during work breaks.

One reason why hot coffee continues to be popular in the country is that it offers a sense of comfort. We relish the warmth that comes with a steaming cup of hot coffee, especially during the rainy or cooler seasons. It's not just the flavor that counts, but also the entire experience of holding a warm cup of coffee and feeling its steam.

Even in traditional Filipino medicine, hot beverages are said to have medicinal benefits that can improve overall health. Many Filipinos believe that drinking hot coffee can promote better digestion and, in turn, help their bodies absorb nutrients better.

Coffee and Comfort 

The love for hot coffee in the Philippines is reflected in the country's coffee culture. Many coffee shops offer a vast range of hot coffee beverages, from traditional black coffee to specialty drinks such as lattes or cappuccinos. These drinks are often served in ceramic cups that retain the coffee's warmth for a longer time and add to the overall experience.

Filipinos' love for coffee is unmistakable, as many still prefer their coffee steaming hot, regardless of the weather. At Xillium, the scent of coffee permeates the facility, welcoming visitors with its alluring aroma. Our Virtual Medical Assistants (VMAs) also share this love for coffee and often begin their day by brewing their favorite blend.

The warmth and comfort that come with a hot cup of coffee offer a unique experience that we cherish, whether it is for the taste or the belief in its health benefits. Hot coffee remains a beloved staple beverage in the Philippines.


Liezel is a senior writer at Xillium, holding a degree in literature. Prior to joining the company, she spent six years mentoring foreign Asian students to improve their English communication skills in a web-based education. Her academic involvement included developing and revising instructional materials and content. Liezel's career in distance learning has honed her skills in communication, management, research, and technology.

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