Philippine Festivals: A Year-Long Celebration

Liezel Porras
February 4, 2022

Party All Year Round

You can experience a celebration that lasts all year round in the Philippines. With over 7,000 tropical islands and a diverse population, every town and city within the country, no matter the size, holds a festival.

Filipinos enjoy eating, dancing, having a good time, and turning any event into a big party. Given this, it’s no surprise that cultural festivals are well-celebrated in the country.

Open House: Food Galore for All

There’s always a party going on, complete with a banquet for family and friends. Vibrant and one-of-a-kind, representing the individuality and diversity within our culture.

Food is the soul of this event. Filipinos prepare nothing short of a feast and open their homes to guests and pretty much anyone who wants to drop by for a festive meal.  Known as an open house, it comes as no surprise when a person you hardly know comes in to join the feast — doors are wide open for all.  More than the food, the atmosphere of warmth and generosity that characterizes a Filipino party leaves a lasting impression. Some have evolved into elaborate multi-day celebrations, while others have remained rooted in the community.

Dancing the Night Away

Dancing is at the heart of the country’s festivals. In this celebration of arts and culture, dancers in elaborate, colorful costumes take over the streets, which vary from one festival to another. In a frenzy of drinking and dancing, the party lasts all night. Music fills the air, and the locals and tourists alike dance the night away.

Join in the Fun

What better way to become immersed in Philippine culture than by taking part in the activities?

Tribal dances, booming drum beats, and loud chants entice the crowd to join in and dance their hearts out. Visitors attend not only to witness the traditional celebrations and the beauty of the culture they represent but also to participate in the activities. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun.

The recent Iloilo Dinagyang Festival was held virtually for the second year in a row, demonstrating Ilonggos’ resilience and collectivity in the face of record-high COVID-19 cases.


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