We are Preparing for Growth

Liezel Porras
February 6, 2021

Benjamin Franklin once said that, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Growth is a painful process as it requires continuous effort despite failures. However, it’s an inevitable outcome that only comes through determination. And we are preparing for this journey this year, so we had a 5-day webinar series last January 25th to 29th. Topics covered were Dealing with Growth [Dealing with Differences], Striving for Continuous Growth [Kaizen], Embracing Change [Being Adaptable], and Xilium 2021: Our Collective Ambition.

It’s human nature to resist change – mainly when it pertains to adversity and challenges. So to jumpstart the week, we had a talk on Dealing with Growth with our HR Officer Mary May “Emz” Montaño. Emz gave tips on how to deal with growth and the key traits that can help employees embrace it. “Own your mistakes and accept criticism. Learn to bounce back when things don’t go as planned,” she shared during her talk. She also emphasized these traits: being adaptable, remembering the purpose of your growth, and being resilient.

One of the biggest hurdles to success is dealing with different people. She also talked about dealing with differences. A clash of personalities may result in productivity slowing down and missing a target. It’s sometimes easy to forget that we’re working toward the same objective. Emz believes differences can be advantageous when balance is created. “Respect begets respect,” she said. It’s not always about winning an argument. This time we have to work as a team toward one common goal.


The second day of our webinar series was on Striving for Continuous Growth with People Development Manager Arden Uy. Her talk is focused on Kaizen (change for the good), a Japanese approach for continuous improvement. Reflecting on the philosophical Kaizen belief, Arden said, “The little things that you do every day will result in a lifetime improvement.” “Improvement begins with I,” she stated, emphasizing the notion of self-improvement that comes in tiny increments, day after day.


Another talk on Kaizen was held on the fourth day with Skills Development Manager Goldie Yen Rafols. Her lecture delved deeper on the true meaning of Kaizen and how its approach can lead to consistent and long-term growth in the workplace. “Continuous improvement is the result of Kaizen”, Goldie stated, and we can achieve this by practicing self-criticism and driving ourselves to the limits. “Realize your true potential and break the status quo,” she emphasized. Establishing the Kaizen culture in Xilium will involve making and embracing changes.


Real experiences of being adaptable, flexible, and open to different working conditions. Our Executive Assistant to the Founder, Juvy Ann Clemeña, reminded us that the world will keep throwing new and unexpected situations for us to navigate. That’s why being adaptable is essential to future success.


Topping off the series was a State of the Company Address (SOCA) from our President and CEO, Vanessa Belleza. Titled Xilium 2021: Our Collective Ambition, the talk highlighted the company’s humble beginnings, milestones, and vision for the years to come. What started in 2011 with only five employees now grew into a corporation. The company grew and so did the employees. Not just in numbers, but also in values the organization lives by all these years: integrity, disciplines, and hard work.


Hard work paid off with a surge of progress over the years. Growing and developing its potential took a lot of blood sweat and tears and a fair share of failures. But Xilium isn’t stopping there. After all, John Maxwell said, “Motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing.”


Liezel is a senior writer at Xillium, holding a degree in literature. Prior to joining the company, she spent six years mentoring foreign Asian students to improve their English communication skills in a web-based education. Her academic involvement included developing and revising instructional materials and content. Liezel's career in distance learning has honed her skills in communication, management, research, and technology.

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