What To Do With Your VA?

Rey Palmares
April 18, 2018

Now that you’ve hired your VA… what happens next?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably either just hired a VA (and don’t know quite yet what to do with them) or you’re thinking about hiring one and are merely browsing for info on how VAs can be integrated into your practice.

Going back to the earlier question – what happens next is you resume your practice at a much easier and efficient pace.

At Xilium, we take pride in our VAs being professional Filipino nurses – that means you won’t be doing as much retranslating in your assignments. The medical profession is rife with jargon and anyone without the background knowledge is bound to get lost. Xilium’s services ensure less micromanagement in your practice simply because English is a second language to many Filipinos – coupled with them being nurses, that makes for a good combination altogether. As early as preschool, English is the medium of instruction all across the country. This proficiency in English and the skill of nursing helps our VAs to save you the time and effort you would need if you had hired a non-nurse VA

And here, we don’t just give you a VA; we make sure that they are trained and equipped for the task. Prior to fielding them out, our VAs undergo a training period that covers the standard procedures, programs, and paraphernalia that most practices use today.

There’s more to it: our VAs are office-based and led by a professional support and management team. Our VAs work in an office space, side-by-side with their team leaders. This arrangement allows our VAs to be able to handle most of the day-to-day tasks you may have for them – as well as approach the more challenging ones with the assistance of troubleshooting crews. You’re not just hiring a VA – you’re hiring an entire team. They’ll hit the ground running from Day 1. After some quick orientation, they’ll fit in seamlessly.

It doesn’t stop after hiring. Our VAs undergo regular training and development – free of charge on your end – just so they may be updated with the latest news and changes in the practice of the profession. Consider this as kind of like a software update. Xilium provides them with seminars and workshops to keep them sharp and at the same time well-rounded enough to deal with the brunt of the work and adapt to other tasks that may be assigned to them. If you are using a different strategy, that’s no problem: we’ll adjust according to your preferred taste, just let us know.

More importantly, we obey strict compliance with the merits and excellences of HIPAA. Despite being an overseas company providing service to the American public, Xilium makes the effort to guarantee security and confidentiality with the golden standard of HIPAA.

In the world of cyberspace, there is never a lack of never-do-wells who are out to extract that juicy information. Xilium not only uses HIPAA but also does away with the use of physical servers (which are much easier to hack) and instead adopts the Google cloud system for securing data, currently the leading provider of data security out there. A two-factor authentication is utilized and records aren’t even available to the people sitting beside your VAs. Other than training and office space, Xilium’s VAs also have their own laptops for security and as an anti-tampering precaution.

If you’re wondering what to do with a VA, mix them right in. From organizing files and scheduling appointments to securing reservations and incessant reminders, our VAs will help to keep your practice in top shape and make your life easier while they’re at it. They’re trained for this kind of work so they’ll know exactly what’s up. Hiring a VA is a quality-of-life choice that you won’t ever regret.


Writing should be one part informative and one part entertaining. It's what differentiates a generic piece of text from a well-written article. Rey Palmares dedicates much of his time to fine-tune that craft, juggling the joys and frustrations of writing with those of his law school life outside of the office. He's making it work so far.