Women’s Health: Celebrating Women’s Month

Liezel Porras
March 11, 2022

To commemorate Women’s Month, Xillium hosted a seminar on women’s health with obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Florianne Bedonia as the guest speaker. Her presentation, titled “Gynecological Events From Adolescence to Senescence,” debunked myths, misconceptions, and misinformation about female reproductive organs, menstrual cycles, and PCOS in order to raise awareness and provide tips on how to improve women’s health.

Kickstarting the session was a video dedicated to women who show compassion and strength amidst life’s adversity. Women personify many roles. They are mothers, daughters, workers, and leaders to name a few. Along with the responsibilities they must bear, it is difficult for them to deal with the changes in their bodies and the emotional fluctuations that accompany them.

Breaking the Stigma

Dr. Floranne discussed menstrual health education and period stigma, which still exists in many parts of the world today. Resulting in a lower quality of life for those who experience it, ranging from unpleasant physical side effects, lack of access to sanitary period products, and even verbal shaming from others. What should be recognized as a natural bodily function is deemed too humiliating to discuss.

PCOS was also discussed, as were the social stigmas associated with it. Brightening the atmosphere, she asked, “What’s the difference between love and PCOS?” One of the attendees answered, “They both hurt,” which garnered laughter from the speaker and the other attendees, to which Dr. Florianne replied, “Sadly, PCOS is forever,” with the intended pun on love—that it doesn’t last forever.

Women’s Well-Being

Dr. Florianne also spoke about stress management, emphasizing the value of exercise, proper nutrition, laughter, meditation, and adequate rest. Taking care of one’s mental health has been linked to improved overall health and well-being. Keeping the mind and body healthy by taking time to relax and engage in other enjoyable activities.

Prior to the meeting’s conclusion, there was an open discussion on other aspects of women’s health. Some male attendees were not deterred from asking questions. Women form the bedrock of a family’s overall health. Xillium’s workforce is primarily women, many of whom are mothers. Women’s Month is an opportunity for us to raise awareness of and address issues affecting the well-being of women in our workplace.


Liezel is a senior writer at Xillium, holding a degree in literature. Prior to joining the company, she spent six years mentoring foreign Asian students to improve their English communication skills in a web-based education. Her academic involvement included developing and revising instructional materials and content. Liezel's career in distance learning has honed her skills in communication, management, research, and technology.