Meet Your VMA: A Look Into the Lives of Our VMAs

Abigail Sabido
May 20, 2019

We owe our success to the diverse and dynamic Virtual Medical Assistants that make up the bulk of our staff. In a series of articles, we are highlighting their stories and celebrating their lives. Here is a preview to some of them:

Nurse Irish

“On my days off, I supervise my online business. It started when I was freeing some space in my closet. Old clothes were still in good condition so I decided to sell them online. As it grew, I realized I needed some help in maintaining my online shop. Thankfully, my best friend partnered with me and we get to earn extra income. My current job gave me the opportunity to do a lot of things, along with time management. I can take care of my mom, monitor her routine treatments, and supervise my online business. I also get to spend time with friends and colleagues. We love videokes! I used to sing for a children’s choir when I was younger and I even had the chance to represent Western Visayas in national competitions. But that was long ago and I think my singing voice is now limited to karaokes and in the shower room.”

Nurse Jelmar

“My friends and I recently conducted our third outreach program last week. We brought vitamins, canned goods, and noodles to over 20 people. We also checked their blood pressure and weight as basis for health teachings.”

Nurse Jennifer

“Years ago, I worked as a nurse for a prominent Arab family in Riyadh. My schedule was tight and the family I worked for was strict. I didn’t have a fixed day-off and I was only allowed to go to the store and mall once every two or three months. Note that I could only go out for a maximum of three hours. Also, the thought of hiring a caregiver for my sick father despite having two nurses in the family saddened me. Considering all these things, I flew back here, opened a business, and became a virtual medical assistant.”

Nurse Shelurace

“Both my parents work abroad, so I’m the one looking after my younger siblings. That’s why I see to it that I make time for myself during my day off and do something different once in a while. Modeling never crossed my mind, but I had the chance to be one for a sports photoshoot. The most challenging part? Trying to skateboard.”

Nurse Rica

“I’m a US certified RN with a dual citizenship. My nursing career in the US began when I was at a Cardiac Care Unit taking care of my father who just had a stroke. The head nurse saw my potential. The next thing I knew, she wrote a referral letter to the upper management to hire me.”

Nurse Reynaldo

I was commissioned to the Armed Forces of the Philippines Reserve Command (AFPRESCOM). AFPRESCOM is composed of professionals like nurses, lawyers, doctors, dentists, engineers, and chaplains. We are a technical branch of the AFP. I’m so honored to be able to support the Armed Forces during their medical-surgical missions.”

Nurse Janmar

“I’m about to finish my short-term language course in German. Learning the language is not easy as I have to balance it with work at the same time. I manage it somehow. I was rewarded by passing the course and translating my mantra: Dich selbst lieben. Love yourself.”


Abigail is a senior writer in Xilium. Before joining the company, she worked as a content creator for online startups and has written about current events, health, lifestyle, and entertainment for US-based online news portals and lifestyle blog sites.