Telehealth Through the Pandemic and Beyond

Abigail Sabido
February 10, 2021

A PwC survey shows a strong inclination towards remote, flexible work setup post-COVID. The same pulse check in the healthcare industry can give us a glimpse into the future of telehealth. By now, hospitals have ramped up embedding this technology into their healthcare systems. Small and medium-sized clinics would’ve had best practices in place — say a process to check a patient’s capabilities to use the necessary technologies and prepare them before their actual meeting with their doctors. Then there’s a round-up of devices and platforms.

Telehealth is becoming a part of the norm, attracting more consumers especially the younger demographics for its convenience and value-based care approach. Thus, we prepare our VMAs by educating them of the limitations and risks and training them with communication and technical skills. As for the available technologies, we continue to scrutinize them starting with their vendor, ease of use, and output. We must keep-up with this fast-developing trend.




Abigail is a senior writer in Xilium. Before joining the company, she worked as a content creator for online startups and has written about current events, health, lifestyle, and entertainment for US-based online news portals and lifestyle blog sites.