Small Practice Can Improve Security

Don Wickelgren
June 28, 2021

There is a lesson when looking at all the public security beaches. The biggest problems are lax processes. Big companies have them all the time. The security company talks about what a larger org can do but many of these have parallels for small practices.

You’re not going to stop a state actor but that’s not the likely threat. Equipment, updates, passwords, network config and open systems are simple to tighten down. Clean these things up and you’ve improved your security significantly.




Don Wicklegren is Xilium's founder. He is a technologist by profession who started his career pre-internet in remote medical technology and learning. He has worked in both small and large corporations with world-wide remote staff and became a part of the team who developed the first commercial internet. As an entrepreneur, he started his first technology company in 2001. In Xilium, he focuses on innovating solutions for the US healthcare system.