Virtual Work Requires New Skills

Don Wickelgren
June 3, 2021

We’ve been working virtually on fire for a decade. We’ve had a lot of stumbles, lack of awareness of client’s view leading to high turnover, client staff actively undermining virtual staff, and many more lessons both big and small.

We’ve discovered that all staff need a base set of skills, technical first, a diversity of communication across multiple methods. Next, an ability to remotely guide clients and patients on both of these skills. We’ve found it crucial to provide escalation support with a seasoned staff to show up new skills. We also had to develop a dedicated user tech team specializing in equipment.

This article gives guidance on methods to improve your virtual teams and help overcome issues that often exist with remote work.




Don Wicklegren is Xilium's founder. He is a technologist by profession who started his career pre-internet in remote medical technology and learning. He has worked in both small and large corporations with world-wide remote staff and became a part of the team who developed the first commercial internet. As an entrepreneur, he started his first technology company in 2001. In Xilium, he focuses on innovating solutions for the US healthcare system.