What About Anti-virus Choices

Don Wickelgren
June 10, 2022

Since you have computer systems, there needs to be some way to protect systems and people from the malware that is out in the wild. There's a double-edged sword to using antivirus software. One side is that you get some protection against areas where people and organizations are trying to damage you. Another is that you turn the keys to your security over to a vendor. My suggestion is to minimize the number of vendors that you trust. Just because someone says they do something doesn't mean that they are actually safe at doing it, either through accident or design. It creates additional exposure that multiplies your risk. My suggestion: if you're using a Microsoft operating system, use the built-in antivirus protection. It keeps all of the risk within a single company, and the quality of antivirus goes up and down across all vendors.

Reference: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/german-government-advises-against-using-kaspersky-antivirus/


Don Wicklegren is Xilium's founder. He is a technologist by profession who started his career pre-internet in remote medical technology and learning. He has worked in both small and large corporations with world-wide remote staff and became a part of the team who developed the first commercial internet. As an entrepreneur, he started his first technology company in 2001. In Xilium, he focuses on innovating solutions for the US healthcare system.