Why hire a Xilium VMA?

Arlene Moscaya Arlene
August 30, 2017

Medical practitioners have to focus on their patients and staff. Physicians may find their daily tasks leaving them with less attention to staff which might lead you to consider hiring an assistant. The norm has been to hire someone locally but our connected world is creating opportunities for hiring virtual assistants who can perform all the tasks you need.

A Xilium VMA (Virtual Medical Assistant) is becoming a viable option, handling many of the modern tasks that a physically present nurse is required to do in your practice. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Xilium VMAs are registered nurses. Hiring a registered nurse to oversee and handle your priorities saves you time over an assistant with less experience in medicine. Our VMAs simplify your life allowing you to focus on normal medical language and processes. VMAs can communicate using your familiar and natural terminology.
  2. Xilium VMAs are HIPAA-compliant. Both you and your patient have similar concerns: privacy and security. VMAs fully understand and follow HIPAA regulations. They are trained to report PHI violations and the company is structured to encourage the reporting and not fear it. This means health records are safely kept for you and your patient.
  3. Xilium VMAs are ICD-10 ready. Trained in using the ICD-10 standard, our VMAs can encode your diagnoses, increasing the accuracy of your medical records and preparing them for faster insurance reimbursement.
  4. Xilium VMAs speak and write English well. Educated in the Philippines with English as the language schooling from kindergarten onward, our VMAs English is superior to other ESL countries. Culturally, Filipinos are close to America in many ways. This allows a natural integration into a US practice.
  5. Xilium VMAs are focused and work hard.Our VMAs were trained on prioritizing tasks. Their keenness to detail and organizational skills help you to keep tasks timely and correct for anything listed on your schedule: EMR record keeping, insurance verification, and other office-related tasks.

If you want to know more about VMAs, call us.

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