Xilium Haiyan Relief Operations – Our Way of Giving Back

December 1, 2013

When the superstorm Haiyan hit the Philippines, many provinces, particularly in the Visayan region, were terribly damaged. Thousands of lives were lost, and many others are still missing or displaced.  Food is scarce, livelihood is damaged, power supply is gone. The gravity of the damage is severe that it will take so much time before the affected people can get back on their feet.

After the typhoon, many private individuals have expressed support to the victims. Relief efforts went here and there from different areas of the Philippines and around the world. Xilium, as a socially responsible company, also responded to the call of the time – to help the victims recover from harsh effects of the natural disaster.

So, with the initiative of our core team, we organized the Xilium Haiyan Relief Operations. What started as a very simple plan at a friend’s birthday party turned out into something big and overwhelming. The response from people we knocked for donations and help was more than what we expected. Several clients and friends have donated cash for Haiyan relief. We also received in-kind donations such as canned goods, instant noodles, candles and matches, and used clothes.

The money and goods that we received have gone a long way. We were able to conduct two relief operations in the island of Panay which was badly hit by the typhoon. The first relief effort was on November 17th in the Northern part of Iloilo and the second leg was on November 21st in the province of Capiz.

The two operations went very successfully, and despite the tiredness we felt then, we are more than willing to do it again. Nothing compares to the smiles and thank-you’s we get from people upon receiving our little help. And nothing can be better than the fulfillment we feel after each relief effort. For more information on the Xilium Haiyan relief operations, you can check our official page.

On the 14th of December, our team will have another round of relief effort. This time will be different as it will be Christmas party with the kids at San Dionisio Elementary School. We are positive that it will be another fulfilling activity.

Thank you for all your support. Till the next update.