Xillium Joins Digestive Disease Week in Chicago

Kezia Charice T. Lao
May 26, 2023

Xillium participated in Digestive Disease Week in the first week of May. We met with gastroenterologists and other healthcare professionals. Juvy and Graylyn, our Marketing and Events Manager and Services Director, respectively, showcased Philippine-made chocolates and coffee and shared how we train our Virtual Medical Assistants to support different medical specialties. 

A Good Start for Our Team

On their first day, our team encountered a series of traffic jams in Chicago, but the friendly cab drivers made up for the inconvenience by making sure they reached their destination safely.  One driver even gave a helpful tip on enjoying Chicago without breaking the bank: go to the 96th floor of the 360 Chicago building and use the money intended for the entrance fee to buy snacks and drinks. 

But cars were not the only things that our team experienced. Chicago weather varied during their stay. One day it was warm, the next, it rained. But spring was very much in the air. Tulips and many other blooming flowers sprouted from all around the city—on sidewalks and pedestrian islands. It was a good start for our team.

What We Brought With Us

During the event, our booth attracted continuous foot traffic. Unlike the weather, people at the conference were consistent—warm and welcoming. Physicians and neighboring attendees alike were captivated by the Philippine chocolates we brought with us. Most of them liked the spicy chocolates with mango bits.

Gastro Trained Virtual Medical Assistants

The highlight of our attendance was the curiosity of physicians who stopped by and asked about our gastro trained Virtual Medical Assistants. Talking with gastroenterologists and other gastro healthcare professionals went smoothly because of our in-depth knowledge of what they do. We shared how we have different levels of staff with customized skills that can fit their practice, much to their delight. 

Looking Forward to Future Conferences 

After our participation in AAN’s Annual Meeting and now with DDW, this concludes our back-to-back events in Boston and Chicago. This was a productive spring for us. See you at more medical conferences soon!


Kezia is a content writer at Xillium with a passion for writing about gender-related topics. Prior to joining the company, she volunteered at a local non-profit press where she developed her fact-checking, analytical, and collaborative skills. She enjoys journaling, reading, and listening to music in her free time.

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