Benefits of Outsourcing to the Philippines

Juvy Ann Magbanua
July 21, 2015

Outsourcing gives endless benefits to business owners. With an outsourced team, you are able to focus on the core components of your business, as well as your personal life. Understanding the entire potential of outsourcing – what to outsource and not to outsource – is essential. Know how to maximize the endless benefits of outsourcing for your business’ growth.

Outsourcing time-consuming, cyclical, technical and creative tasks, and even online marketing, to virtual assistants in the Philippines boosts your business’ mobility. To outsource in the Philippines is to be able to work with virtual assistants who help your business prosper. Take advantage of their language expertise, exemplary work ethics, capacity to learn tasks quickly and motivation to exceed your expectations. Assigning other business functions to skilled professionals means a hundred percent focus on what you do best – generating ideas to strengthen your business for competition in the market.

For business owners who consider outsourcing to the Philippines, here are some of the endless benefits you get:

You outsource to Filipinos with a friendly budget, but not sacrificing the quality.
Getting access to skilled professionals in a virtual assistant company in the Philippines is what you need when tasks and projects start to pile up on your desk. Having the right team who takes care of those projects or day-to-day tasks mitigates your workload with lower cost.

Overheads are not on your list anymore. Your outsourced team takes care of their expenses on tax, insurances, and even their holidays. You never have to end up wasting time on looking for new employees and training them because the virtual assistant company has a pool of professionals skilled in different fields. Each member is extensively trained to manage your delegated tasks seamlessly.

Outsource now to increase your productivity at work.
As the head of the company, you would like to handle everything on your own, but it only diverts your attention away from what is essential. Go back to what you have to focus on: generating new projects to expand the business. Don’t let your day be used up with tasks that you can just choose to outsource. When a project needs to get done immediately, consider outsourcing. For instance, you don’t have the luxury of time to learn the craft of developing your website. Outsourcing will save you time. Your outsourced team in the Philippines can handle that for you.

Outsourcing paves the way for your in-house employees’ professional growth.
Let’s not take for granted your edge of having your in-house employees. You get to control your in-house team’s operational functions. You get to build rapport and motivate them to develop their skills. So, provide opportunities for them to attend seminars or trainings for professional and personal development. This benefits your company in the long run.

But for that to happen, you need to free your employees from their workload for some amount of time by outsourcing their crucial tasks. When your employees become trapped in a routine, they don’t grow professionally. They might even find themselves unmotivated at some point. Creating avenues for them to acquire new learnings and a brief reprieve from their work will refresh their minds making them more eager to work and apply what they know.

Moreover, look at the bigger picture. By entrusting other business operations to virtual assistants from the Philippines, you open up your in-house team to venture in bigger projects.

Yes, you can also outsource customer service responsibilities to increase customer care.
It is indeed crucial to enhance your customer care. Virtual assistants who are skilled in handling inbound and outbound calls take care of your customers’ inquiries and concerns right away. VAs always make sure there is a warm welcome and positive greetings for all your repeat customers.

Filipinos are proven to be courteous. So, take advantage of their genuine positive attitude in dealing with your customers. With Philippine virtual assistants, you are assured that your customers are in good hands.

Outsource and compete in the big market.
Small firms are given an opportunity to take advantage of the internet marketing. From local to online marketing, it takes outsourcing to promote your business to the online platform, making your business get access to what the bigger firms utilize in the internet world.

As business owners, setting your business goals and deciding on what to outsource maximize all the endless benefits of outsourcing. Virtual assistants in the Philippines are highly motivated and always ready to adapt to new trends. This is why outsourcing to the Philippines is a good choice for the growing and changing needs of the business.


Juvy is Xilium's driven client services officer who always aims to end the workday productive. She's an active participant in many of the company's activities and she never fails to lend a hand whenever needed.