How Xilium Works as a Team

Juvy Ann Magbanua
September 4, 2015

A team that works closely increases productivity and creates harmony at work. As a virtual assistant company, Xilium makes sure that we share common goals and support each other to achieve them. Our success that usually depends on how satisfied our clients with our virtual assistant services is never feasible without a virtual manager that bends over backwards to oversee all business operations, and direct, support, and make us, virtual assistants (VAs), become competent in our job.

With our manager, we are able to identify our main roles and responsibilities in the business. To make sound decisions and take ownership of our actions are some crucial aspects that we have to go through with her guidance.

Our goal to attain the status of being a successful business support provider is no easy task. So, understanding our manager’s roles will also promote a stronger teamwork and competitiveness at work.

As refreshers, most managers should perform these key roles:

  • The manager directs her team of virtual assistants to what needs to be achieved when supporting the business. She sets the vision for the company and supports everyone in the team to work towards it.
  • The manager oversees the whole business operations. In order to do that, the manager takes full responsibility to provide necessary resources for the virtual assistants to accomplish their tasks. She also makes sure that the VA team is ready to take charge of the clients’ tasks as they are equipped with the necessary skills and facilities.
  • The manager delegates the right task for a smoother business workflow. The main goal is to satisfy every client’s needs for their business. She delegates each VA’s workload and follows through with their progress. Being knowledgeable of what each VA can contribute to the business helps her assign tasks that every VA is much capable to do and accomplish in a timely manner. Also, providing a more challenging task will also mean a lot to the the development of a VA.

A manager who performs her key functions well will assure a long term success in providing virtual assistants services. But, the manager may have to juggle things at once unless everybody is ready to take ownership of their responsibilities.

So, how does the Xilium team work?

To lead the whole team, our manager has to promote teamwork, as well as competitiveness of everyone. She helps us realize our potentials by encouraging us not to settle on what is only good, to adapt to the constant changes happening in the company, and to set our minds into achieving quality work for every client.

She carefully weighs things that inspire us to make sound judgment even under pressure. Her advice and supervision make us focused on our common goals and build stronger relationship with our clients.

Our manager empowers the team. Encouraging every VA to be assertive and innovative so as to make good changes or improvements with the tasks at hand helps us make progress. We believe that we can make a difference because our manager teaches us to be more capable individuals.

Our manager has our best interest at heart. She is indeed a problem-solver when a VA can no longer handle the problem by himself. She finds solutions to the problem that can assure reasonable results to both the VA and to the client. At the end of the day, she always sets the tone giving the VAs an idea that there is always the right solution.

Our manager makes sure that she provides us necessary feedback. Since day one, a newly hired VA keeps in mind the philosophy of Xilium following clients’ expectations and striving to meet and be fit for the client’s and Xilium’s business goals. To become exceptional VAs, it is beneficial to listen attentively to our manager’s corrective feedback. Taking it constructively enhances our skills and eventually improves our work. The corrective feedback that we should often get tell us how our best actions look like. Knowing what is good in our work is a way to find out as well what we can do best in the business.

Our manager makes sure that our working relationship should be based on respect and trust. To trust a leader also means to work with passion. As the manager keeps a constant and open communication, it assures a team-oriented environment especially when there is a conflict. The manager listening to all sides to come up with a solution keeps the situation from getting complicated.

It all comes down to a point that we do not succeed at what we do if there is no spirit of teamwork at work. To establish and maintain a healthy and professional relationship with each other is a good start toward our common goals especially the long-term goals of Xilium.


Juvy is Xilium's driven client services officer who always aims to end the workday productive. She's an active participant in many of the company's activities and she never fails to lend a hand whenever needed.