Customer Service: Quality vs. Quantity

Melody Rolluda
May 22, 2018

A company’s goal is to provide their customers with quality service. To achieve this they must also have the manpower to do so.

The growth of the outsourcing industry in the Philippines over the last ten years is undeniable. With the steady rise of this type of business also came the demand for more Customer Service Representatives (CSR). The prevalent question asked these days is whether outsourcing companies value quality over quantity.

The biggest debate on the matter is that quality and quantity cannot coexist simultaneously. Some may argue that high quality output takes longer to achieve as opposed to outputs that take a shorter period of time. This leads to the belief that the output is not at par with the standards.

Every CSR is expected to attend to the client and hit their quota. They will go extra lengths to entertain clients for the sake of quality customer service. This gives a good impression of the company’s standards. However, due to the extended time spent on one client, the CSR may not be able to reach their required quota.

The misconception has always been that one has to be compromised to achieve the other. It is important to note that quality and quantity can and should work hand in hand.

Quantity is efficiency, and efficiency is quality. A successful call can take as long as twenty-five minutes or as quick as three. It all depends on how well the CSR answers the inquiries.Providing clients with an honest, straightforward solution in a shorter amount of time marks quantity.

These two factors are constantly in hot water of discussions among people who work in customer service. However, if employees receive proper training and and practice discipline in how to handle their clients needs, a balance between quality and quantity will naturally follow.