Millennials: Catalysts in the Workplace

Melody Rolluda
May 30, 2018

Millennials are people born between the years 1981 ad 1997. Studies show that the generation’s population is expected to peak in 2036 with 81.1 million living members, when the oldest millennial is 56. The majority of the workforce today alone is mostly comprised of millennials.

With the steady rise of Millennials in the workforce, it is crucial to understand their behavior and what drives them. Generation X and baby boomers, for example, are notorious for prioritizing structure and job security. Millennials, on the other hand, thrive for making or being part of a positive impact in their workplaces. Millennials are often stereotyped as the most entitled generation yet as they prefer flexible work schedules and always enjoy free food and beanbags at work. Inarguably, millenials are also well known for being the most passionate generation yet. The majority of them always choose collaboration over competition. They put high respect on leaders with integrity who aren’t afraid of being honest with them while also treating them with respect in return. Projects that may be tasking are not a big problem to them as long as they are able to learn something new.

Millennials are known to be natural collaborators and are driven to work in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable and are unlikely to stay in a critical or oppressive environment. They are idealistic, dream big, and set goals such as climbing the ladder or starting their own business.

There is an evident influx of these young professionals in the corporate world and employers should not be scared, but rather welcome them as they are most likely to turn the business a round for the better. Millennials are born to be innovators which is an important trait to have in the competitive business world we are living in right now. Their ability for innovation is what ensures a company’s survival. This generation is not focused on receiving medals, but rather in hard work. With the proper guidance and trust, millennials are not afraid to step up and take both ownership and leadership of the tasks given to them.

Hiring millennials may seem intimidating, but it is highly encouraged that companies open their doors to them and make work challenging, exciting and fun for them. Millennials are a little more social which is nearly unheard of in a traditional business setting, but they are hungry to be part of a community wherein they can consider their workplace and workmates as their second family.

They are young but constantly eager to become better versions of themselves, acknowledging that constructive criticism and honesty is what is necessary for this. As their employers, advice and guidance goes beyond appreciated by these leaders of the future. Give them a chance and watch your business slowly change for the better.