From City to Summit

Wilfred Ian Benite
October 20, 2023

From City to Summit

We recently went to Agcararao Mountain View in the highlands of Passi City, in the northern part of the Visayas region. Our day consisted of hiking, discussions on mental health, and yoga sessions led by Kate Alba, our Mental Health Counselor and Yoga Instructor.

The Hike Begins

With the first light, our ascent up Agcararao Mountain View started. The surrounding greenery provided a change of scenery from city life. Kate shared insights about work-life balance and the idea that sometimes, a step away can make a difference.

The dense foliage enveloped us as we ascended, offering a momentary escape from a busy city life. Kate led the way while sharing anecdotes and insights in finding a peaceful work-life balance and that sometimes, all it really takes is accepting what you need to become a better version of yourself.

Reaching the Summit

Reaching the summit was no easy feat but being surrounded by the stunning site of Agcararao Mountain View, we found a moment of tranquility. Once there, Kate introduced reflective questions and emphasized the concept of self-care in our daily routines. We shared our own experiences as she provided ways to recognize burnout and the importance of breaks in taking care of your health. Her words were a reminder that balancing personal and professional life is necessary for well-being. 

In the end, our visit to Agcararao Mountain View highlighted the idea that reconnecting with nature can offer a sense of balance.


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