The Expanding Role of Virtual Medical Assistants

Wilfred Ian Benite
January 19, 2024

Virtual Medical Assistants are part of a growing industry in the US with the goal of making healthcare more efficient for physicians and accessible to patients. Their roles extend from patient check-ins to post-care activities like annual check-ups, prescription refills, and responding to inquiries. With the advancement of technology and patient receptivity to virtual care, it makes one think where patient care will be.

From Virtual Assistant to Virtual Medical Assistant

While a virtual assistant handles tasks like ordering supplies and scheduling appointments, a Virtual Medical Assistant brings specialized knowledge in the medical field. This expertise is crucial for understanding patient interactions and medical terminology. With the help of modern technology, we are now capable of assisting patients beyond transcribing medical records or scheduling visits. Because of AI and remote monitoring, we are able to see a patient's condition halfway across the world.

What VMAs Do

Virtual Medical Assistants are flexible in their work supporting both physicians and patients. Beginning with virtual reception, they handle patient appointments and inquiries to more specialized tasks. Xillium VMAs, for instance, receive additional training to understand different medical specialties, including their unique terminology, processes and other procedures. They are also trained to effectively handle multiple EMR/EHR systems. Physicians benefit from VMA support, particularly in tasks like transcribing patient records, submitting prior authorizations, and handling insurance preparations. Their understanding of medical terminologies can make a big difference when conversing with the patient and physician. VMAs provide support to medical practitioners and can create an efficient workspace which affects the patient care experience in a positive way. 

Healthcare has come a long way and it makes sense that new jobs should also be available. As technology continues to advance, so will VMAs.


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