Keep Your Patients Happy with the Help of a Medical Virtual Assistant

Juvy Ann Magbanua
June 3, 2015

Medical virtual assistants (MVA) are inclined to attain success for medical practice. They are passionately driven to help you provide better healthcare experience for your patients.

Most medical practitioners’ main concern is to retain their patients. But sadly, patients do not just come back to your clinic regularly, especially if they had a bad experience there. Circumstances like getting an unsatisfying health plan, or unprofessional treatment by the staff.

This is a heads-up for every medical practitioner. You need to freshen up your knowledge on how to provide worthwhile healthcare experience to your patients. Remember that your purpose is to improve the quality of your patients’ lives. To keep providing them with ways to take care of their health is to help them become productive in their livelihoods or businesses. It’s a two-way process. Providers also depend on patients in terms of their personal needs.Your MVAs take these responsibilities of improving patient retention, and increase patient acquisition.

Here are the things your MVAs can do to make your patients happy:

An impressive start keeps your patients. MVAs handle the first call from new patients. This call is quite sensitive because at that moment your MVAs are leaving an impression of your medical practice.

How your MVAs observe proper phone etiquette matters a lot. They must be confident and positive in dealing with the patients especially for those who are troubled. Politeness and courtesy in dealing with apprehensive new patients will go a long way. Giving them the most convenient time to see the doctor or simply asking their preferred names are good examples of easing patients from their worries. This is the foundation of a good relationship with them.

MVAs deal with different calls, either outbound or inbound. So, if you have just hired your MVAs, it helps to give them a script and possible scenarios. For instance, give them ideas on the usual inquiries patients ask. Doing so helps pave the way for a smoother conversation between your MVAs and your patients. Patients impressed by the conversation will be more willing to come to their appointment.

With the different scenarios, MVAs eventually get used to every question so scripts are no longer needed. They easily answer from simple inquiries like phone numbers, directions to the office, list of insurances you accept to more complicated questions later on. The latter may not be answered but they know how to handle them. They will know what to ask from you because of their patient encounters, which will give them more chances to be of help to your patients and their inquiries.

Your MVAs know that acquiring new patients is more difficult than retaining them. So, their proficiency in handling various phone calls is a big help.

MVAs communicate to patients building up their healthcare awareness. To address concerns promptly is important to your patients. MVAs take time to make calls reminding them of their necessary follow-up schedules and notifying them of their lab results.

Your medical virtual assistants also follow up on patients medications. They need to call the pharmacy to verify if the prescription has been received or remind the doctor to order the medication. Patients need not to wait for a long time to start their treatment.

Patients call because of some urgent concerns. It is important that they get even the simplest instructions on how to take their medications or why they have to take the necessary follow-up appointment.

Having your MVAs ready to answer calls from them gives a chance to address concerns right away. Patients tend to feel scared or hesitant to take their medications at first, but simple advice  with your supervision can help them face their fears. Your MVAs’ friendly tone also makes them feel secured and assured. This communication also  reminds your patients that you care and you do not want them to keep coming back for re-treatment of the same illness.

Eventually, they will also acquire the habit of boosting their health because of your constant care. So, your MVAs role of bridging the gap between you and your patients helps a lot.

MVAs keep calm with angry patients. Patients are troubled. Being too worried about a lot of things also makes them terrified which leads to getting angry at your office staff. Calmness in your MVAs’ voice and maintained composure help patients feel better.

MVAs know that they need to acknowledge your patients’ anxiety and confusion. They ease patients’  fear  by listening attentively and giving them assurance that the medical professional can take good care of them. They assure patients that the practice gives them the best healthcare plan or treatment.

MVAs understanding the practice workflow provides convenience to patients. You aim to provide pleasurable patient experience. Clearly presenting your mission to your MVAs give them direction.

You know that it is difficult to make up for a bad experience even for just one customer. To prioritize customer care is what your MVAs do. They maximize their chances to learn more about the practice workflow when having frequent meetings. With your constant communication and clear instructions on the designated tasks, your MVAs work more efficiently. So, your practice gets a good brand – that it is organized, reliable, and efficient.

Your MVAs are thankful when they are attending webinars. They can learn a lot from the lectures. MVAs deeply understand how the practice operates. To be kept updated with the latest trends in healthcare maximizes their contribution to patient satisfaction and their personal development. Plus it minimizes mistakes in handling patients’ concerns that can cause conflict in the long run.

Genuine care is very obvious. Patients can tell whether it’s genuine or superficial care. Be reminded that every single thing that you and your medical virtual assistants do to improve patient’s health makes a difference. So, set your heart on making patients feel grateful, brave enough to care for themselves and be comforted.


Juvy is Xilium's driven client services officer who always aims to end the workday productive. She's an active participant in many of the company's activities and she never fails to lend a hand whenever needed.