How Virtual Medical Assistants Can Make a Difference in Your Practice

May 22, 2012

Medical care is defined as seeking medical attention, diagnosing physical abnormalities, and receiving drug prescriptions. But medical care isn’t limited to this definition, as it also exists on a personal level by connecting with patients. This is why many medical practitioners hope to achieve a brand of “someone who cares”.

Constant communication, beginning with a simple and friendly professional conversation, builds a trusting relationship between physician and patient. Unfortunately, most practitioners have fully loaded schedules. This is where a virtual medical assistant (VMA) can help in establishing that important connection. Utilizing newer and more efficient technology, here’s how virtual assistants can ease any practitioner’s day:

1. They Answer Phone Calls – Virtual assistants can be receptionists and are registered nurses in one. Given that they are medical professionals and well-versed in the industry, all patient inquiries are answered right away.

2. They Set Appointments – Most patients call in to make appointments and remote assistants handle bookings so physicians can focus on their patients’ concerns.

3. They Make Reminders – A virtual medical assistant (VMA) functions like an alarm clock. Tools like Google Calendar enable VMAs to manage schedules and easily remind practitioners what is coming up during the day, week, and month.

4. They Save Money – Having a virtual assistant will help you save a lot of money. Employee benefits, insurance, and paid time-off are no longer their clients’ responsibility. This gives physicians an advantage on expenses for office-based remote assistants over in-house medical assistants.

Small details are often overlooked due to overloaded staff and busy schedules, and augmenting the workforce can help to provide better, more satisfactory medical care. Patients are given more attention through this better care and when they feel valued they begin to trust, cooperate, and return.

One piece of advice before I end this post: there are so many companies offering virtual medical assistant services out there. Better look for the best ones!