Xilium Reaching Out to Build Relationships

March 4, 2016

The journey towards success is never easy and giving back is one way of extending it with others. Being able to share what you’ve learned from your journey is the best way to help people achieve their goal.

Through the years, Xilium’s secret to success has been to keep clients happy through good collaboration. Now is the time to extend to the community and build relationships through meet-ups with fellow professionals. As part of this goal, last February 11, 2016, Xilium organized an event – Grow and Keep your Clients. We partnered with Dojo 8, a start-up which promotes itself as a co-working space for professionals and students.

Sharing the secret to keeping clients as initiated by our co-founder, Don Wickelgren, is the main topic of this talk.

Here are Don’s Secret to Growing and Keeping Clients:

1. Start with the people.
Empowerment is one of the key points of Don’s talk. He shares that empowering your team equates to better work and more accomplishments. When an employee is empowered, he works efficiently and makes the effort to take care of his clients. Each individual employee is an essential part of the company – their development is the company’s growth. Give your employees their space to grow and they will grow, give them trust and knowledge and they will succeed.

2. Have a good work environment.
Don cited that diversity in the workspace is key to a harmonious relationship between employees. He said that if you pool together all the high performing aggressive individuals, they are more likely to compete with each other. Competition in the workspace means there is no sharing of ideas, and when sharing of ideas stops, then there is no progress. A diverse environment of people with different intellectual levels and interest makes up a successful company.

3. Encourage Your People
He also talked about learning to go out of our comfort zones. Doing so will eventually lead to success. Being where you are and being happy with what you have is good, but striving for something better is what you need to do as well. The magic happens outside our comfort zones, and collaboration is the bridge. One must go out of what is usual to become special. It doesn’t always mean that you have to go away with the norms of the society. It just means that you have to try new things and learn new skills to be better.

4. Value Your People
A company should never disregard the effect of each individual member to its success. When every member of your company is happy with their job and sharing is a habit, then there will be progress. If a company is able to treat every employee with equal respect, people will prosper. Always give them reasons to take care of their client, by taking care of them.

Building a relationship with people that have the same interest with Xilium is the purpose of this meet-up and being able to share the secret to the success of this company is the best way. Influencing others to be better at what they do and being the best they can be is the secret towards success.