Telemedicine – Its Impact in Medical Practice

May 10, 2013

Telemedicine is the latest trend in medical practice. The American Telemedicine Association defines it as the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status. Its increasing popularity is due to the accessibility of technology for doctors, medical virtual assistants, and patients.

This practice has become an important element of medical practitioners’ strategies in achieving their goal of providing continuous care to patients even after hospital discharge. It helps improve physician-patient communication and care wherever they are.

The availability of gadgets such as smart phones, tablets, and computers along with the different apps available makes it all easier for doctors and patients to communicate. Other medical practitioners like nurses can also save time in administering medications because what used to be a drug study done through books is now as easy as typing into a computer to search for information.

Just think of how difficult it is to access medical help when you are located in a far-flung area. Think of how far you need to travel to seek for medical advice, and how much you need to spend on seeing your doctor in his clinic.

With the presence of telemedicine, you need not worry about all these things. You may send an email or make a video call with your physician during your follow up checkup to evaluate your progress. Telemedicine provides an opportunity for patients and doctors to build a continuous communication regarding patient care outside the four walls of the doctor’s clinic. Through this, collaboration and evaluation of the interventions done can be closely monitored.

Doctors and other medical caregivers like nurses and medical virtual assistants play an important role in a patient’s life. Being accessible and flexible through telemedicine is one way of not only keeping up with technology but making sure you extend an extra mile in patient care. Unconditionally giving one’s self through compassionate service creates a mark in a patient’s life forever.