The Value in Our Seniors

March 6, 2021

Jo Owens is an eloquent writer and speaks passionately in her representation of the value of the time that we have near the end of our lives. COVID has taken many of these people from us and she expresses, with perfect pitch, in an emotional way that each of these lives are important and valuable and not an acceptable loss.

I keep this in mind as we continue to build our own Remote Patient Monitoring service. I want to extend people’s ability to be happy and well during the last phase of their lives. I take joy in developing a relationship with new seniors I meet. I marvel at their experience and the ease at how they share them. I notice small structural things in their lives that would extend their living standard and continue the small joys and sharing that makes them enthusiastic to start their day. What it takes is some social interaction, an awareness of the little things and listening along with some help in using and accessing today’s tech.