Medical Virtual Assistant: Your Modern-Day Medical Secretary

June 12, 2012

Most of us are well-aware that medical practitioners are occupied with their work. They have a lot of responsibilities that sometimes they tend to forget other important appointments or tasks that they should have done. Some physicians have their own secretaries or assistants to help them manage their time. Lately, the advancement of the medical industry as well as the awareness of technology has paved the way to the evolution of the medical virtual assistants.

“Oh, bummer! I forgot about the appointment this morning!” Does this sound familiar to you? A physician, a nurse or someone who works in any medical-related job surely has experienced forgetting an important meeting or task. This is where the help from a medical virtual secretary can be most valuable. They can be the physician’s allies to help them do their jobs best through their services. What can medical virtual assistants do?

Here are the five most common tasks done by the medical virtual assistants:

Research – Research is a vital component in any profession. As medical practitioners, acquiring new information keeping yourself abreast with the latest issues and trends in the medical industry is a must. The internet is inevitably the number one source for updates on the different kinds of diseases or ailments and other health facts. But then, this job alone can take so much time. Topics that need to be researched can simply be sent to the medical virtual assistant and they can do the research for you. A neatly compiled documents and information should be on your way via email or other forms you may choose.

Online Medical Transcription – One of the important and tedious tasks of any physician is preparing and maintaining records of their patients. This is where medical history, medical treatment or procedures, diagnostic tests, and other related information are included. To assist doctors in managing and maintaining these records, they can have their virtual assistant transcribe audio clips or recordings into a written form. The assistant can just then send her output via email.

Medical Data Mining and Analysis – Data mining could be a burdensome task as it may take such a long time to finish especially if there is so much information to gather and analyze. Medical virtual assistants use data mining tools and techniques to accomplish the task in a shorter period of time.

General Administrative Tasks – The world of any medical practitioner doesn’t only revolve in the hospital. They also have their some personal stuff that can make use of a medical virtual assistant’s help. These could include answering phone calls (personal or work-related), making reminder appointment calls, calendar management, paying online bills, communicating information on physician’s behalf (via email, chat, call), creating PowerPoint presentation, and a lot to name. There are many personal tasks that not only eat up your time but also one’s energy. Why not outsource these to your medical virtual assistant and enjoy a hassle-free appointment lunch or dinner.

Social Media Marketing – Physicians are not only visible inside the emergency or surgical rooms and wards. They too, are active members of the social networks. Many physicians are now found on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and the likes. Most use social media as a marketing tool to promote their respective clinics or their professional services. Social sites are great portals for increasing numbers of health care consumers. Medical virtual assistants can manage your social network accounts. They are responsible in uploading links, photos, videos, articles and other stuff which are necessary for the visibility of your sites.

Evolution in the medical industry is evident. A great number of medical practitioners are also getting more interested in the services of medical virtual assistants. Given these five common tasks, medical practitioners would surely avail the services of virtual assistants. In the past, secretaries are doomed on their desks. Well, not anymore these days because medical virtual assistants can happily serve medical practitioners from any point of the globe.

So, better be part of the modern world! Hire a medical virtual assistant! Be one of us! Prosper with us!